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Allen Bartels

Allen Bartels, CEO, Bartels Truckline and Max Holdings.

Bartels Trucking started in 1947 with Allen’s father. Allen graduated high school in 1965. He attended Austin Junior College the following two years with a Business Management degree. 


He joined the National Guard in 1967 - 1973. After completing that he attended and graduated, Mankato State College in 1971, with a degree in Business Management.

Allen joined the family business of buying, selling, and trucking cattle. They grew the business to 33,000 head. When 1984 and the farm crisis came along they began refrigerated freight trucking for the USDA and government commodities. Their accounts included Land O Lakes and Jennie O to name a few.

Today Bartels Truckline has 47 refrigerated trucks on the road. They truck across the country for Michaels Foods (Post), Bongards, AMPI, and many others.

Allen and his son Jay run the family trucking business.


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